Monday, April 7, 2008

JAZZ: Patricia Adams

................... J.McK. knew I needed to get out. She and George invited me to join them at Sunday morning Jazz Brunch at Ryles. Patricia Adams had me listening to the wonder of her lyrics in a way..... "I hadn't since Nat 'King' Cole" was how I told it later. I did several quick ink line drawings on the cards I always carry around. The DIVA noticed my glances shifting between stage and my hand. I could have been a critic? I met Patricia because she came right over at the break to find out. She saw my drawings, asked, "Could I have them?" and before I could answer she turned and shouted into the rest of the room "Emmanuelle!". Hallelujahs!?? and an Amen? I didn't know what to expect next. The safest answer at the time was "No". "Just to show them to my art director. I'll bring them back". And I then found out Emmanuelle LeGal was her art director's name and she was sitting a several tables back. These did end up on her CD along with a later watercolor for the cover.

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