Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cohasset inlet: from the terrace

The edge of the terrace was a bounty of orange day lillies, blossoming astilbe spikes and then startling shrubberries tumbling over an older gardener's ornamental insight, down the seaside slope through a few great trees to a light blue band of sky and deep blue bits of Atlantic ocean, Cohasset Harbor inlet occaisional craft crossed, in, then outward, either side of the orange buoy

.............Several of us had painted into glancing late afternoon shadows, then we surprised ourselves with delicious contributions to our pot luck supper. The next day, Saturday, folks arrived and went back or to new motifs as high tide filled yesterday's tidal flats and climbed the ledges, soaking, submerging the bands of knotted kelp or egg wrack sea weeds on Saturday morning, after onsite picnic lunches, the motifs changed with the shift to afternoon light and shadows, and watching the changes as the tide is running out..... Some headed home, a few of us took a couple of hours to enjoy Cohasset Harbor restaurants and others just strolled about with clam shack carryouts.
Sunday morning high tide arrives and yesterday morning's waterline inches back up the rock faces and floods the lagoon again. The weekend sketches and paintings of two half day high and low tides were collected and everyone reviewed and packed up.

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